Fully managed white label solutions

Tyche Technologies AG is a software development company that specialises in white label solutions for various types of businesses

Why go White label?

Global crisis and recession is the perfect environment for the white label solutions development as they allow businesses to:

  • Maintain their own brand
  • Keep the costs and overheads down
  • Avoid staffing issues
  • Invest into advertising and marketing

Our Whitelable platform makes money for thousands of businesses and affiliates on the internet.

Years of experience in e-comers made Tyche Technologies AG focused towards three most profitable areas:

  • Online Dating and Social networking
  • Jobs and Recruiting
  • Auctions

With the dating industry booming dating white labelling has become the most profitable business over the internet

Tyche Technologies AG white label engine can be also used for developing white label job boards/HR portals and web auctions/web markets connected to the global database

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